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The use of the alloy sewing button

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The use of the alloy sewing button

Issue Time:2012/05/11

Elias Howe in the 1851 invention of clothing zipper easily precursor when he created what he called the "automatic continuous clothing closure of" Today, garment stopper manufacturers produce clothing zipper billions of dollars annually, it completely changed Modern clothing and style. Clothing zippers have several effects, including the impact of the actual impact and style and culture, and people's appearance and dress.
The actual effect
Clothing zippers have the practical effect of the hundreds of kinds of clothing. From women's dress men's jeans, zippers help to join and seal clothes, the body needs renovation. For example, a pair of tight jeans it is difficult to squeeze into the loose / not like the zipper fastening device on or off. Clothing zippers, let you gently jeans slip and tighten your body figure. Similarly, dress is usually the back or side of the zipper installation, in order to avoid any struggle or skin pinch. Other garments, clothing zipper effect is also very useful; For example, pants, boots, jumper and jacket.

The fashion
 The zipper also have the effect of modern style fashion. Modern clothing and style zipper is not always practical; they appeared style. Jewelry zipper add elements of modern fashion, alloy sewing button and a dress or a glittering. The metallic luster of the garment zipper teeth to add extra texture and detail, or the plains or the original dress. Some fashion style but also to be placed in odd or impractical, the use of their clothing zipper. Sebastian Errazuriz, for example, horizontal striped clothing zipper of the dress, and even increase the convenience of zipping off effects and remove the bottom to make a long or short clothing. See Errazuriz's groundbreaking style of a link reference section.

The influence of culture
Clothing zipper also has broader implications of the culture and music style icons and symbols. For example, the traditional associate member of the terrible and horrible mask heavy metal band slipknot - as a port cover some of the more famous mask (Craig Jones and Chris "3" Fehn) feature clothing zipper. Clothing zipper, in this sense is a culture, heavy metal music to stimulate the symbols of fear and terror among the audience.

You can also wear clothing with sadomasochism and sexual intercourse leather zipper association. For example, projects such as GIMP masks, wrist and leg limit, clothing zipper. GIMP mask itself is a character to wear in the cultural symbols of Quentin Tarrantino movie, compressed facial mask, "Pulp Fiction". garment zipper clothing zipper is also the mouthpiece of British children in the television series character Bibi Rainbow. "