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About of the plastic insert buckle

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About of the plastic insert buckle

Issue Time:2012/05/14

Snap Fasteners eliminate the buttonhole needs. If the clothing has a buttonhole, a unit partially covers the hole with decorative buckle easily to maintain the appearance of a button style.  prong snap button these mechanical fasteners, including an additional units and closed units. Bifurcation snap function metal teeth, Pierce and the grip of the fabric. These snaps are fixed fabric fastener pliers on a unit or the reporter's help.

1A cut thread for the button. Discard or recycle old another item button.

2 tailors chalk mark unit placement. Commemorate the help of the ruler, if two or more fasteners to be completely consistent.

3 placed on the right side of the garment on a flat surface.

4Part of the stud portion of the fastener pliers four placed in the lower unit.  plastic insert buckle the fabric part of the stud. Part of the fabric, pin. The two-pronged ring and bolts around the fabric. For buttonholes clothing, some including the opening of the fastener upper part of.squeeze the snap fastener pliers. The savings will penetrate the fabric.

5The number of fasteners to the fixed fastener components reporters. Some of the reporters and fabric in the design, positioning, and then click on a small household hammer.

6 Loosen the pressure of the pliers.

7 Repeat steps 2 of the socket portion, emphasis on the bottom of the marker fabric.

Part of the stud and socket together until you hear a quiet unit, alloy sewing button or check the garment on a flat surface. Insert two or more fasteners, check if the garment hangs correctly.