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How to change the buttons

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How to change the buttons

Issue Time:2012/05/30

Hroughout the history of man held his clothes, together with many different inventions. Denver fabrics, snaps underwear and clothing for the first time their debut in 1800. Later, in the 1940s, the card with a fork can be used to the home sewer. Replaceable Units button, also known as a buckle or Snap Fasteners, requires the lowest hand sewing skills, if you are using pins, a unit of the tab on the applicator tool. The capture is available in many sizes and finishes.

Sewing buttons replacement

1  Remove any where you will be sewing replacement unit area from the remaining unmatched or a single card. Repair any replacement unit on the site torn holes or hand sew the tear / hole closed.

2 Needle, and with the tie in the final end.

3 Chalk mark the place you want to replace the unit is located. The ball joint is usually the outlet section of the "bottom" "top", so it can pull away or ball unsnapped.

4 Hold the top of the chalk mark to replace the unit ball joint. According to Susan Wright, the article in the New Mexico State University, "fasteners simple to manufacture," a stitch per hole positioned on the fabric unit. The capture can be used two to four holes.

5 Through a hole in the edge of the loop of metal or plastic unit, and through the fabric seam forty-five needle. The needle is inserted all the way through the fabric or the stitching of the project is externally visible. Duplicate other vulnerabilities.

6 Chalk to rub the button unit cloth to commemorate the location of the outlet opening of the flap, and then press the ball. Keep the socket part of the replacement unit to the chalk mark. Sewing unit, according to the instructions in Step 4.

7 Chalk mark the place you want to paste the ball unit. Two-pronged approach to capture the four parts, each divided into two parts. Two-pronged approach through the fabric and into the ball or the socket part of the insert. Some cards can use a hammer mortgage, but the handheld extrusion tool is safe. According to White's article, "fasteners, three-pronged card application tools. The tool also sold separately. (See Reference 1)

8 Slippery fabric between the nozzle alignment chalk hole in the tool.

9 The insert ring or decorative fabric cover the bottom of the place of tools it offers. Tool into the ball joint. Extrusion coating with curl through the fabric, the ball into the part of the savings.

10 Rub into the chalk of the ball. Press the fabric to the ball. Between units in the non-slip fabric applicator tool in the tool hole at the chalk. Repeating unit of the ring / socket part.  button is replaced!